You Asked, We Answered! 

How is your summer going so far? Well, I’ve got some exciting news!

Over the last seven months or so, I have gotten hundreds of requests for a vlogging channel. From my blog subscribers, to twitter followers, to photography fans. I was actually a bit overwhelmed by how many of you were asking about me creating video blogs alongside my main blog!

I personally have never been one for the vlogging community, even though there are definitely some incredible vloggers out there! (I’m a major fan of a few!) But all of you requesting and throwing out ideas? Well, you’ve convinced me to change my ways and dive into something completely different.

My entire family is very excited to announce our new project: 


Be sure to follow/subscribe to stay updated with our crazy new adventures that will be coming soon!

Until then, here’s a short preview of what’s coming soon!

Much love, guys!



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I am an overly-passionate, Earth-obsessed woman who spends her time raising three beautiful flowers, and growing with the other half of my soul.

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