For Our Sisters In Uganda

Right now we are going to flip to a topic that’s never been discussed on my website, but one that holds a big space in my soul.

Menstruating women in Uganda.

Menstruation is something that is a minor inconvenience for most women, but also something that is completely manageable and normal for most of us in our country, along with many others. Its simply a natural part of life that comes and goes without a thought.

I’ll bet money that you have never gone to the bathroom, noticed the familiar stain of blood, and wondered what you were going to use to contain it. Would you be hunting for rags, old cloth, pieces of old clothes, cotton wool, toilet paper, or other natural materials this month? Because you know that if you were to bleed on any part of your visible clothing, you would be shamed, due to menstruation being a major taboo in your society.

Unfortunately due to menstruation also being a taboo topic even in our modern society, you’re not likely aware that menstruation can be completely debilitating for girls and women in less developed, but equally as loved and important countries all over the world.

Young girls and women are forced to miss school due to a lack of proper menstrual supplies. Many young women even get pregnant to completely avoid their menstrual cycle, and also due to improper teachings and poor sexual education. Women use any materials they can find or repurpose to contain the blood that they shed and with reusing these materials cycle after cycle causes major infections. And due to cultural taboos and lack of information, menstrual fluid leaking in anyway is incredibly shameful. These young girls are forced to leave school for up to two weeks per term due to their menstrual cycle. Which leads to many simply dropping out from falling so far behind.


This specific issue has called to me for nearly a year now, and I feel it is my job to provide our incredible sisters in Uganda with not only menstrual protection and a full education, but equality. They need our help, and it will not happen without you. 

Every woman deserves to have proper menstrual protection. 

That is why I am beginning a fundraiser for MB Photography to make this happen.

My goal for April is to provide as many women as I possibly can with complete menstrual protection for at least six months. This fundraiser will run form April 1st-April 30th only. 45% of the profits will go directly to Paradise Uganda Foundation, which is run by my dear sister Maria Nabukenya who resides in Uganda.


One photo session can provide two women with menstrual protection for two months. Think of how many women we can protect and encourage together. 

Interested in helping out our sisters?

Click here to fill out an application to schedule your photo session today, and in the comments section, be sure to add “Helping our sisters.” 

Please, share this post to get the word out! Together we can make a major difference!




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