Why I Believe Soulmates Do Exist

It seems like a rather preposterous topic, does it not?

That there is someone out there- another living being- that you share an indescribable, awakened soul with. That there is a piece of you wandering out there that can see you. The you in your most wholesome form, and the you in your most weakened state. They can see you in a way that no other soul could, and they accept you.

They see you. They hear you.

And the two of you together wonder in amazement if you have known each other in another life due to the instantaneous and overwhelming feeling that you have met each other before.

Because there has never been something quite as beautiful as the two of you together.

Your words entwine in each other, connecting your hearts and minds alike, while the great walls you had previously built to shield you from others are effortlessly scaled and torn down to the rubble they should have always remained. From a few strewn-together sentences, they know you. They know you like the universe sees and knows every hidden crevice of the Earth and the mysterious secrets they hold. Like a mother knows her child’s scent.

And the two of you know that the idea of labeling your connection as “love” is an absolute injustice. It is not a simple emotion, it is everything. It moves with you through your day, it comforts you once the darkness washes over every night. Its in every glance, every thought, every breath. It exists with you. The both of you.

It grabs hold of everything you once believed to be true and shatters it. And all of those pieces that lie beneath you are replaced with this unnamed “thing.” This new shared existence that envelopes the two of you in every breath, for the first time, is filled with an electricity. A sense of completeness. You feel each other’s strengths and weaknesses from across the world. You feel their emotional presence always.

It shows you that it is possible to become one and inseparable in the most positive way possible. That your divine, sacred intimacy is magic and love and light in their purest forms.

It is knowing that you will never again be who you were. Because looking into their eyes and seeing yourself halts time yet quickens your breathing. The two of you feel the identical strong sense of eternity and sameness.

You know that your love is not a choice, but a force. An energy. A light.

And this force?

Its extraordinary.

Why do I believe soulmates exist?

I’ve lived it.

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I am an overly-passionate, Earth-obsessed woman who spends her time raising three beautiful flowers, and growing with the other half of my soul.

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