On This Blue Moon…

Oh, Luna

Tonight you shine so perfectly bright. Filling my vision and open chakras with your grace and cooling love. Drenching my naked skin in your absolute and magical beauty.

Purify me.

Rid my mind and soul alike of their negativities. Let your undying truth shine within my heart.

Wash me.

As I circle my hips in a rotation of love underneath you, cleanse this soul. As each and every curve of my femininity swerve in a circle of grace and gratitude for you, Luna, I will welcome your oncoming cloak of night as a spiritual guide.

Dance around me, Luna. Make the shadows that surround me follow your every step. Your beat. For you hold the drum.

All souls to follow you. You create all souls’ nights.

I will watch. I will love. I will follow you.

Shine your love for the darkness upon the lands that surround me, and I will forever watch you in awe just like my ancestors did before me. For you are my ancestors.

You’ll forever move waves, Luna.

A successful shot of Luna that I captured this evening.
A successful shot of Luna that I captured this evening.

I have been asked by many of you to write about my full moon rituals. 

(Note- Tonight’s set up is a bit different than my previous Full Moon spaces due to my children being up later than usual. I could not get my wands, feathers, or sacred items out like usual.)

Tonight I light a candle infused with moonstone and a moon-charged quartz point. It is my most important candle that will burn my negative thoughts that I’ve written onto paper to cleanse my mind for the upcoming cycle. It burns for several hours before the ritual begins, as do several others that I keep both at my sacred space, and about the house.

I have any crystals that I feel hold any negative thoughts or charges out to cleanse in the moonlight and recharge for the upcoming cycle. I also grabbed a few that my soul felt would bring any added positivity or magick to the night. Also any that contain meditative properties. Instead of any specific grid, I have decided to follow my own instinct and to arrange them by importance or offerings to Luna.

I wear a special Full Moon oil blend on my wrists and my third eye chakra. It is a blend of Indian and Southeast Asian attars and absolutes mixed with florals and white flowers from Indian riverbanks, all mellowed by natural Rosewood essential oil. Soaked in the oils are also peach moonstone and clear quartz.

I initially cleanse my space early in the day with one of my favorite incenses (Located here) and begin to set up from there. Once all is set up, a quick thanks is said to my own sacred space, and I begin. Tonight, I attended a meditation ritual held by Athena Perrakis with some members of my tribe. The Blue Moon holds the wisdom of the Crone. Her magic is transformative, breaking down the old and making way for the new, which is what our ritual consisted of. Summoning our spirit guides and asking them for guidance. For one specific issue, person, or relationship that we need to rid ourselves of, and handing it to our ancestors as they held out their hands.

And let me tell you, it was incredibly powerful.

The ritual also consisted of binding our energy into a wish. Using the ever-brightening band of energy that stretched within our circle to bind our wish into a stone we blindly selected. We now have a very sacred stone to carry with us. (I will wire wrap mine and wear it with my others I wear daily!)

The meditation was closed by our usual conclusion- taking the band of energy we release in our left hand, and pushing it into the earth in thanks to Gaia.

Once finished, I let my body dance in the moon light to cleanse and purify my soul. I do whatever I feel necessary to do under Luna’s full light. (Like this specific blog post for instance. Heh)

Once I blow out my candles, I light a white sage bundle and smudge my home. Sage smudging is a very powerful, ancient Native American practice. It is done to purify a room, space, or person of negative energies and thoughts, and it can be very beneficial. I walk about my house wafting the smoke into each and every room. I wave the bundle over my body, and “wash” myself in the smoke. Once I am finished, I then give thanks once more to Luna, and I have completed my full moon rituals. Although some nights I’ll stay up and walk about outside just to bask in her light even more.


IMG_6577 IMG_6581

“The Full Moon represents abundance, possibility, unfolding potential. It’s a night for men and women to get outside and howl, celebrate our baser instincts, go wild and be free. It’s a time to gather your bounty, celebrate what’s yours, make wishes and set intentions. Our ancestors have danced under its light for eons. Now, it’s our turn to celebrate Luna Llena in all her unbridled glory.”

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I am an overly-passionate, Earth-obsessed woman who spends her time raising three beautiful flowers, and growing with the other half of my soul.

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    1. You know, I actually had been interested in them for quite a while before I used them myself. But when I finally became a part of a wonderful sisterhood tribe, that is when some of the beautiful women lead me on the path to crystal healing for my anxiety! They taught me a LOT about them, and completely opened my eyes! From that point on I have done a ton of research and practice with them, and they are used every single day in our home!


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