What If I Already Know I’m Beautiful?

Inspired, I am. 

I’ve always had confidence in myself. Its something that people have always used to define my personality, and I’ve always been proud of that. I think confidence is extremely important if you want to live happily and free of hearing others judgements.

But as a woman, I’ve also felt the negative heat from those who find confidence and self-love as an intimidating, or worse, unattractive trait.


In today’s world, a woman who loves herself is almost constantly being put down for being “vain” or for being “cocky.” Even stupid. I have gotten the judgmental comments, and I’ve seen it happen to every single woman who has ever admired something about herself. Wait, what?!

So, if I love myself I’m doing something wrong? If I happen to walk past a store window and catch a quick glance of myself in its reflection, and I love that woman who stares back at me, I’m too “into” myself?

So if I wash off my makeup and smile in the mirror at the acne that’s followed me into adulthood I’m too “cocky?” As I take in and embrace the faded stretch marks that cover my body and smile at the memories behind them, I’m too “obsessed?”

How screwed up are we?

We live in a world where women are “supposed” to have a negative opinion of themselves. From young girls, many of us dream of a man who will come along and change our minds about ourselves and create a world of rainbows and self-acceptance.  A world where we can finally love ourselves, because a man loves us too.

But not a single woman needs a man to save her.

Song lyrics (discussed in SOML’s video below) pick at women. They tell us and remind us that we do not love ourselves. That we have loads of self-doubt and hatred for our own appearances. We are taught to dissect our beauty for the smallest of imperfections and to magnify them for our minds to obsess over. They become our focus objects throughout our lives. We are taught to not take compliments, but to degrade ourselves when they’re offered to us like a sweet, fragrant rose. We are taught to hate the beautiful souls that we are.

But we are strong. We are life. We are love. 

So let me put this out here right now.

I love myself. I love every little imperfection about myself. Those that I was previously made fun of for having. Those that I picked out myself during some deep, dark, depressive states. Those that I thought I’d “grow into” but never actually did. Those that I thought would be long gone by the time I hit eighteen.

I love them all.

My boyish hips, my acne, my permanent retainer, my boney hands, my red cheeks, my thin hair, my damaged finger nails, my thin eyebrows, my larger lips. I love them.

Because you know what? I’m allowed to.

This beautiful, perfect body is my own. And I’m allowed to love what I see. Not a single soul will ever be able to take that from me. Not a single person will effect me when they tell me that I’m “vain.” Because I should love myself. I should love every single bit of myself. Always.

And so should every person on this Earth.

I want anyone reading this to look at themselves. Really look at yourself.

I want you to point out those flaws that so often haunt you.

But this time? Put a spin on things.

With every flaw you see, remind your tortured mind of how beautiful and unique those very “flaws” make you. How those are the same “flaws” that seamlessly stitch you together into one magnificent being that’s full of life and potential and love. How everything you may despise about yourself, another human adores and admires. How every last bit of your flawless body is a masterpiece of light. A fine piece of artwork for this divine planet we are so lucky to share with each other.

Let your blinding beauty be known and shown to those who attempt to put you down. Let your positivity steal their hearts and minds alike and teach them to love their bodies and souls the same way that you admire your own. 

In conclusion, I leave you with an amazing video posted originally by SOML.

(who just happened to feed and inspire this post) 




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I am an overly-passionate, Earth-obsessed woman who spends her time raising three beautiful flowers, and growing with the other half of my soul.

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