What Makes A Step-Father

Before Nick, I had never known such a passionate, deep-rooted love could possibly exist between two humans.

That there could be someone who understands my every thought even before it flashes through my mind. That I could lose myself in the fire of love that he, himself had built and feel nothing but admiration for his existence. That the fierce, indescribable closeness between us could bring our souls together as one flame to continuously burn.

My love for him love shows me that any love before ours was mediocre, and a waste of my time.

He changed my entire life in one moment.

I fell for him so incredibly quickly.

But it wasn’t his love for me that captured my heart. It was his love for my children.

I had never expected another man to love my children like they were his own. Nor was I looking for a male to be in my daughters’ lives. But the first day that we met Nick, he had my attention. He loved my children more than their own father ever had, and I couldn’t help but take notice of his actions. He played, he joked, he giggled right along with them. He never put them down! And they became the best of friends rather quickly.

Over the months, I watched their relationship blossom. They were always excited to see each other, and Nick would even request updates on them while he was away. Lily would ask about how he was, and with every sweet message that read something along the lines of “How are the girls? I miss them!” my admiration for him grew.

By the time our romantic relationship had started, we knew.

You know how so many people say you just “know” when you’re with the right person?

We felt so much more than that.

It was as if one single first kiss between us had turned our worlds upside down and fused us together as one twin flame. It was a whirlwind of love and lust and all things enchanted. In that one single, fleeting moment, our souls had found their mates.

And Nick had found two more of his- our beautiful children.

Watching the girls interact with Nick? Its clear that they were always his. The magical bond that they hold is unbreakable. Its beautiful and perfect in every conceivable way. And standing back and watching their relationship grow has only made my love for all three of them even stronger than I thought possible.

Nick willingly and enthusiastically took on more than just becoming our children’s “step-father.” Far, far more than that title could ever let on.

Watching him turn from a single man to a father of two was a marvelous transformation, and it is more than obvious that he was destined to be the loving, caring, instinctual father that he is today.

He didn’t just take on a simple title. He took on two precious lives and refused to ever leave them. He promised to love them with all of his heart. He took on the responsibility and selflessness that so many others refuse every day. He became their friend, their teacher, and their world.

Nick is who I want my children to become. He is what they need. He is their father in the truest sense. And I couldn’t be anymore thankful for him.

He is the rock for our family. He is what makes our house “home.”

And that is far more than just a “step-father.”


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I am an overly-passionate, Earth-obsessed woman who spends her time raising three beautiful flowers, and growing with the other half of my soul.

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