Why Free The Nipple Is So Important

A lot of us have noticed the hashtag #freethenipple or have read articles about this campaign but haven’t taken the time to look into what its all about. It seems that everyone has an opinion. So what is it about? Why is it being shared both positively and negatively? And most importantly, why should you care?

The Free The Nipple movement is about gender equality. Its about women and men having equal rights.

In America, women are extremely over-sexualized. From the time we are young children, the media shows and teaches us that women’s breasts are purely sexual. They are to be covered at all times (unless you’d like to be discriminated against) and were made solely for men’s pleasure. As we grow up with that mentality, many people discriminate against a woman who shows her breasts in a non-sexual way. Because that’s just wrong.

Breastfeeding mothers are constantly being fed hateful comments because of their choice to not use a blanket or nursing cover while feeding their babies, while women who boost up their cleavage with a bombshell bra and throw on a low cut v-neck are viewed as normal. This backwards way of thinking is what has developed such a problem within our culture.

“Free The Nipple is a film, an equality movement, and a mission to empower women across the world.”

It was created to fight censorship against women.

It is effectively illegal for a woman to bare her breasts in around 35 states. Even if the state has a “top-free” law in place. You may scoff at that fact, or ask why it matters.

It matters because in all 50 states, men have the right to be topless. They have the right to publicly show the same body part that women also have, yet if a woman were to show her breasts (or more importantly, her nipple) she could be sent to prison for two to three years or fined. Sounds ridiculous, right? Why is that?

Because America has deemed the female breasts as sexual when scientifically speaking, they’re not whatsoever. They are a secondary sex characteristic- which are traits that distinguish the sexes within a species that are not a part of the reproductive system.

Back in the 1930’s, men had the same fight. They were legally not allowed to be topless in public. They fought, and they were heard. Yet its 2015, and while women (and men!) are fighting for the same equality for the female breast, we are not being heard. We are being ignored, laughed at, even arrested for our protests and efforts to change what already should be normalized and legal. Our feelings are being tossed aside like we are a bunch of arrogant (dare I say) “whores” as if we only want to have equal rights to our male counterpart just so we can flash our chests anytime, anywhere. Just to spite those who disagree with our views.

We should have every right to walk to a beach and enjoy the sun and warmth without a top of any kind. We should be able to not fear getting thrown out of restaurants or professional establishments for nursing our hungry children. We should be able to remove our tops when we’re too hot and not be criticized for our actions, or gawked at by men. By normalizing breasts now, future generations will no longer view the breast as sexual. It will be a normal sight and a comfortable one. Just like they are viewed in several other countries across the world. I mean, how far have we strayed from our roots? We are a part of nature. We are not superior.


It has been such a long, difficult battle for women to have what rights we have today, that the fact that we should still be fighting for our equality goes unnoticed and ignored by most of the younger generations. Luckily, Free The Nipple has grown so much that it has pulled in several celebrities, groups of women both young and old, and is a massive controversy across social media. It just keeps growing.

The point of this post is to hopefully trigger your mind. I want you to think. Do you think a woman should be able to bare her chest in public without fear? Should future generations of women be given the gift of their breasts being normalized, and a normal aspect of everyday life like they once were many years ago?

Think hard. And Support.



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I am an overly-passionate, Earth-obsessed woman who spends her time raising three beautiful flowers, and growing with the other half of my soul.

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