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Melissa began working as a lifestyle photographer for the Indianapolis area six years ago. She has always possessed a mind that loves to wander. Wander where? To the minuscule details of humanity. The specific features of a face, or a movement. The passion in a vocalist. The busy fingers of a piano player. The laughter of a child. The light touches from a mother to her unborn babe within  her belly. They perked her interest, and she managed to find her passion within her career as a photographer.

For all of these intricate details make up life as we know it.

They make up our emotions. Our love. Our stories.

 For six years she has captured so many incredible individuals. Hundreds of families, hundreds of amazing beings- thousands upon thousands of memories. bf-dgb-asdAs a lifestyle photographer, Melissa strives to provide the most accommodating service as possible for whatever your event may be.

(Note: If booking for a concert at a venue, please include all details with your application form) 

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